Lois and Don Bigler

Inducted into the Dayton Theatre Hall of Fame, August 13, 2011.

She has a collection of hats that rivals former Mayor Rhine McLin.

And he has more information in his head than a set of Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia.

Together, they promote, attend, and support practically every theatre in Dayton.

They are our inductees into the Dayton Theatre Hall of Fame – Lois and Don Bigler.

I remember years ago – Marsha Hanna would direct a show each season at Carroll High School – and she used to talk about this incredible couple that would come in and do just about anything - build sets – anything mechanical - lights and sound. And who knew that years later I would have the chance to work side by side with them at The Human Race. Lois on the Board of Trustees, Hospitality Committee, Membership Committee – both distributing posters, postcards, joining Producers’ Circle and AUGUST Angels!

Don asking questions about how something worked on the set – wanting exact details. And they attend the productions more than once – because they know that it keeps changing, ever growing. They want to experience it all. And they are the best example of "word of mouth." Together they are a cheerleading squad for Dayton theatre. And they do frequent all of our theatres.

On their own, they create T-Shirts and Sweat shirts with show logos and proudly wear them like sandwich boards to promote upcoming shows at Wright State, Human Race and Dayton Theatre Guild.

They have established a routine of picking up brochures from all of us and placing them strategically at Webster Street Market, Convention Center, the airport – wherever they may be heading.

When the Dayton Playhouse asks for set construction volunteers, the Biglers are there.

When the Dayton Theatre Guild needed a play car with seats and a working steering wheel, the Biglers were there. Costume racks, risers, carpet rack – they are there.

They are walking resumes for most of the actors in town. They can recite what show someone was in – what year – which theatre – and give a review of their work. Especially the students at Wright State. Lois and Don have served a number of years on the Wright State Arts Gala Committee – proudly helping to raise scholarship money for local theatre students.

And if a Dayton actor is performing in Cincinnati – they are there! They are regulars to Diva Pat Linhart’s annual recital every January – no matter the weather.

And in their spare time away from theatre – when they are not involved in one of their collectable car clubs of flight organizations, they are assisting Dayton Public Radio or Dayton Ballet.

Their collective energy and unbridled enthusiasm has touched all of us. Whether buying a ticket, making a contribution, wielding a paintbrush or making us meatloaf - they have made our lives richer and our theatres stronger. Well-deserved and well-overdue, we proudly welcome them into the Dayton Theatre Hall of Fame.


--Scott Stoney and Kevin Moore