Carol Finley

Inducted into the Dayton Theatre Hall of Fame, August 13, 2011.

Induction speech by Blake Senseman

Carol Finley's involvement in Dayton area theater spans some twenty years and includes working for at least a dozen theaters, colleges, universities, schools, churches and temples.

I have known Carol for about fifteen of those years and have been witness to her dedication to the theater arts whether it's been through her many contributions as a volunteer, board member, stage manager, techie or as an excellent costumer and on rare an actor. She was last seen onstage as my dead lover and spent the entire last act in a coffin. No lines. Now that's dedication!

If there's a job that needs to be done, she'll do it. Her list of accomplishments is long and varied. Carol has stage managed, designed and built sets and of course costumed shows at various theaters and schools including The Dayton Jewish Community Center, Hillel Academy, Oakwood, Alter and Northmont High Schools, Rosewood Art Center, The University of Dayton, Clark State Community College, Sinclair Community College, The Muse Machine, Zoot Theater, The Human Race, Free Shakespeare, The Dayton Playhouse and, of course, The Dayton Theatre Guild.

Carol is one of the founders of the Dayton Theater Hall of Fame and currently serves as secretary of the DayTonys. Obviously Carol has given a major portion of herself to the Dayton Theatre Guild. She has served as president there for the past eight years and previously held the positions of chairman of the board and executive secretary. The list is just too long to present tonight but...I will tell you this...

In my mind what Carol will be most remembered for was her undeterred and relentless pursuit of getting the Guild into its new home on Wayne Avenue. Over five years countless hours were spent meeting with architects, builders, and patrons. Carol was one of just a few of the major forces that made it happen.

Those last few weeks before we opened our first show saw Carol at her finest. When the doors opened...the theater...was ready!

Thank you Carol.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Carol Finley

--Blake Senseman